Levels Coaching Takes Your Business To The Next Level… Builds A Firm Foundation For Your Business… And Connects All The Dots…




A New and Improved Levels Coaching Program Walks  You Step-by-Step Through The Core Pieces & Activities You Need to Know and Do to Lay a Firm Foundation For Your Business…


DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY for Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Lenders Who Want to Take Their Business To The Next Level…”


Before you continue, I highly recommend that you print this document for comfortable reading.
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If you feel like you are guessing, theorizing and wasting precious hours of your valuable time…

If you are frustrated by not getting the results you deserve, from the effort you put in… if you feel lost, waking up in the morning and wondering what to do with your day… disappointed that the time you’ve spent on facebook, twitter and blogging is not bringing in the leads you were told it would… now is the time to get real about getting real results.

Let me ask you, what is the shortest distance between two points?

I hope you said a straight line.

But the reality is, you’re bouncing all over the place in your business, because of the“Information Age” that we live in.

Information is so available to you…

  • On Monday there is a webinar on increasing clout, so you join.
  • On Tuesday there was a free webinar on how to do video.
  • On Wednesday it’s a free webinar about Facebook.
  • You download a free PDF on Craigslist on Thursday
  • There is a free training video about Pinterest waiting for you Friday

There are free webinars everywhere, so you’re constantly chasing tactics and theories and new information.

If you keep chasing Shiny Objects, the latest tactic or looking for the “One” tool that will do it all and solve it all… you will go broke slowly.

You don’t want to be like 80% of Realtors that fail in just the first 18 months in the business.

Even if you make it 18 months, you’re not out of the woods… the vast majority that do survive end up quiting within 5 years because they aren’t making a professional level of profit.

:: The Reality ::

The typical income for a Realtor is $34,900 a year and they are only doing 10 transactions a year  *NAR 2012 Profile

Let’s be frank…

… $34,900 is pathetic.

I don’t care what your market is or where you are located.

How is $34,900 a professional level of profit?

If you assume the cost of doing business is…

… $500 a year for Realtor dues
… $360 a year for MLS dues
… $600 a year for Office Dues/E & O insurance
… $1200 a year for a website/IDX
… $3000 a year for gas (driving around all those clients)
… $1500 a year for smart phone (need access everywhere for that social media engagement)

And if that’s the only expenses you have… that is a total of $7,160.

Their Gross Income is now $27,740.

Don’t forget taxes… Take 1/3 of that away and you are down to just over $18,000.

In my opinion that is NOT a Professional Level of Profit… and yet…

And yet… I’m witnessing real estate agents zigging and zagging… running after the newest tactic… joining the latest social network… chasing the shiny new object.

Accordingly to a report by Dun & Bradstreet, small business failure rates rose by 40% between 2007 and 2010. (So, the question has to be asked and I’ll do it.  Is social media and all this tech truly helping and growing businesses?)

What is going to happen with your business… (with your happiness and sanity… ) if you keep wasting time and money?

If you do not have a solid foundation… you won’t be able to build your business upwards – or what I call “Stack”– or go to that Next Level.

Worse yet, without a firm foundation… sooner or later your business will start to crumble and fall apart.

You might be like some agents and reach a plateau or hit a ceiling of 10-15 transactions a year… for some agents they can get 20-30 transactions a year… for some it might even be 50… but you get stuck and stalled at some point, some time, some where.

You just can’t get to your Next Level… you are spinning your wheels, grinding your gears, running on fumes, spending your hard-earned commission dollars on things that aren’t bringing results…

… Or maybe you are too scared to invest your money as you watch your bank accounts slowly dwindle and your credit cards max out.

To take your business to the Next Level, to move beyond your current plateau, to break-thru that ceiling…

You must have a strong, solid, firm foundation for your business.

You will only be able to take your business to the level that is equal to the strength of your foundation.

It’s much like a tree.

A tree is only as strong as its roots.

How strong are the roots of your business?  How strong is the foundation of your business?

Levels Coaching gives you the straight line from point A to point B, that gets results.

It’s not tactics.  It’s not theory.

Levels Coaching is results.

:: Who is Levels Coaching For? ::

Levels Coaching is for the real estate agent/lender that wants a solid foundation for their business.

They just want consistency…  … they want to know where their next lead is coming from… predictable closings … reliable income flowing every month.

More specifically…

Levels is for…

… For every agent/lender who was misguided by “training” and found themselves in the customer-cycle of opportunity-buying vs strategic-implementing…

… For every hopeful who wished for a roadmap or blueprint to success and was never given all the pieces to connect together

… For every NON-tech-savvy agent/lender a who crazily clicked around the internet and enviously looked at their competition who had more stylish websites… higher engagement on their facebook page… cooler website widgets… etc.

… For the tech-savvy agent/lender that gets asked all the questions at the office, is teaching all the classes, but feels like a cowboy with a big hat, but no cattle…

… For every confused agent/lender that belongs to multiple programs who isn’t quite sure which program they should focus on … or what idea they should implement first…

… For every sleep-deprived, misunderstood agent/lender whose significant other  is questioning and wondering, “when does the money to start to roll in?”

… For every man or woman who spent hours imitating the others online and social media strategy… but surely it should work because that person was on stage at the big name conference, is featured on the webinars and everyone likes their facebook updates and retweets them…

… For every person that is “blogging” but no traffic is showing up… and even when it does… no leads…

Levels Coaching is for you…

You just want a solid foundation for your business.

You just want consistency…  you want to know where your next client is coming from… you want predictable closings coming in… you want reliable income flowing every month.

:: What if… ::

What if there was a step by step implementation guide? What if you knew what activities to do every day? What tactics should be implemented? What should be ignored? And how those tactics fit in to the bigger strategy?

Levels Coaching does exactly this…

Levels Coaching connects the dots for you… helps you get real results… builds a solid foundation for your business…and once that solid foundation is set… shows you how to stack on top of that foundation,  specific and effective strategies to take your business to the next level.

Levels Is Your “Today” Solution.

Levels Coaching blends old school proven marketing methods… amplified with new school technology, tactics and tools…

It harmonizes the old with the new.

All the tools, technology and tactics you use serve a purpose of the strategy and goals you are reaching for.

Think about it….

What will you do when you get that solid foundation built?

What will you do with your extra time?

What will you do with that extra money?

Think about it…

What will you do when your business doubles?  Or triples? Like Tina Brickhouse, a Levels Coaching Member. Tina is a Keller Williams agent from Texas and reports that her business has TRIPLED since she joined Levels!

If running short on ideas of what you would do with that extra time and money, ask your spouse or kids.  I’m sure they’d have some ideas – maybe paying down debt accumulated during this “so-called” recovery… fixing up the house – new flooring, furniture… saving for some of that outrageously high cost college education your kid wants… how about taking that vacation you’ve been wanting to take for 5 years?

If you are ready to stop theorizing… stop guessing… work hard… and are committed to getting real results… building a solid foundation… making a professional level of profit and take your business to the next level… Levels Coaching is exactly what you are looking for.

:: But will it work… ::

I’ll let Members of Levels tell you in their own words…

“Your knowledge and insights are amazingly actionable to make $$ and improve our business – Levels Coaching has far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommended it for action oriented agents. Best course ever.” – Cyndee Haydon

“We are working through about 10 deals now. I’ve got another offer in, and showings this weekend to a couple ready to buy.

We have implemented your “Lead Conversation Starter Campaign” with our internet leads. Thanks for the tips on that!
Working on more systematic ways to keep in touch with sphere, block time for blogging stuff, etc.  One thing at a time, of course…Looking forward to getting into more coaching once we get a few of these closed.  Without a doubt my best start of the year to date.  I plan on not letting up to have the biggest year of my career.” – Tristan Emond

“I am an old dog who has been in the business a while but I run around in circles a lot not having a focused plan.  My main source of business has always been my database but I have never looked at it in the way you teach Just a side note, I am really impressed by your coaching. You offer a much better way to focus your time for the best results. I reorganized my database as you recommended and started working on my core 16. Since starting the training, I have received two new referrals, both in the $700,000 to $900,000 price range. There was no selling because they felt I was their trusted consultant.” – Bill Boyd


3 Important Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself…

What is the Value of Converting A Lead Worth to You?

:: Did You Know… ::

Most leads don’t buy right away but they do buy.  Mac McIntosh, notes an in-depth study for Cahners Business Information of 40,000 leads…

  • 11% purchased within three months of inquiring
  • 17% purchased within four to six months and
  • 25% purchased within seven to 12 months
  • And 47% bought in a year or more

So, you see how essential it is to have a “Lead Conversation Starter Campaign” that communicates with new leads early and often.

Plus… a “Long-term Lead Nurture Plan” that communicates with old leads consistently and for the long term.

It’s true that Internet leads can be generated from any where and every where…

Facebook, twitter, Trulia, Zillow, your own website, your brokerage or franchise website or even craigslist…

I heard from someone say recently “I’m generating 30-40 craigslist leads a week, but they are all crap.”

This is a big problem… Real estate agents thinking that traffic matters or if they can “just generate more leads”.

This becomes a sad game of “cat and mouse”. But in this game, the cat will never catch the mouse.

If you are too focused on traffic or leads and you never learn the skill or tactics of converting those leads you are sunk.

You’ll keep looking for new platforms, new sources, or spending more money for more exposure.

You’ve spent all this time and money… either paying for leads from a 3rd Party Aggregator site… or from your blog and IDX on your own site… or from social media or PPC… Can you afford to be losing sale after sale after sale?

Can you afford to NOT be serving all the leads you know you can and should be?

It’s been reported that online leads could take up to 18 months to convert…

Do you have a lead nurturing system that allows to stay in touch for 18 months?

In Session 7 you’re going over email marketing messages to send to non-responsive leads.

So, what is the value of one lost lead worth to you?

In Session 6 you’ll learn what you need to know about lead conversion like Levels Coaching Member Rich Ganim. With just one tactic, he implemented it and converted 3 leads on the first day.

So, what is the value of converting a lead worth to you?

What is the Value of Making Your Marketing More Effective?

Content Marketing is all the rage today… so many experts are telling you that you have to blog… write about “things to do” in your community… become the hyper-local celebrity… dominate the long-tail… telling you that you have to get your name out there.

In the late, great Sci-Fi, Cowboy/Western TV show, created and produced by Joss Whedon… “Firefly”…

There is scene where the fearless leader of the ship, Captain Mal has discovered that he accidentally has gotten married.

Mal is talking with his new bride, sharing a bit of his history…

“My momma had a ranch, back on Shadow where I’m from. Ran cattle, mostly – wasn’t nobody ran ‘em harder or smarter. She used to tell me, don’t brand the cattle, brand the buyer – he’s the one likely to stray.”

So true… so true… right?

Don’t brand the cattle, brand the buyer because he’s the one likely to stray.

There’s truth in those words… but you know what’s weird?

Most people and businesses don’t even do that…

You don’t brand the cattle… or brand the buyer…

You are branding yourself.

Are you afraid you’ll forget who you are?

Are you afraid you’ll likely stray if you don’t have your brand all over?

Things like…

  • Worrying about your logo
  • “Getting your name out there”
  • Coming up with a tagline

Are some ways you are branding yourself, but is it really working?

I feel like you should be more worried about things like…

  • What is the conversation in the customer’s head
  • How did you get their name in here
  • How are you positioned in the market

You can either continue to do “Look At Me” Branding or shift and start implementing “I See You” Marketing. In Session 5 you are learning the “4 Levels of Marketing”… a little known mistake that actually caused sales to increase by 3x…

Also in Session 5, you’re learning the PJHJ Method. Once learning and implementing the PJHJ Method you’ll start using this for email marketing, your “Keep-in-Touch Strategy”, blog posting and landing pages.

PJHJ is a simple, yet effective marketing tactic.

So, what is the value of making your marketing more effective to you?

What is the Value of One Extra Referral Worth to you?

:: Did You Know… ::

  • 50% of buyers worked with an agent because of a referral or repeat business. 61% of sellers worked with an agent because of a referral or repeat business. *NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Instead of having a churn-n-burn business you’ll find the benefits of having “Keep-in-Touch Strategy”.

It’s key to have your database segmented correctly and know the 3 Pillars to Communication.

If you are like most real estate agents, the majority of your business is coming from referrals.

But if you are like most real estate agents, you don’t have a solid referral strategy to orchestrate a consistent flow of referrals.

The secret to do this is having your database segmented correctly… and knowing the “3 Pillars of The Communication Outreach Model”.

But you can’t just “Keep-in-Touch”, any lazy buns with a social media account can do this. You also need a “Get Introduced System”. In Session 3 you go deep into this. This session alone could double your business.

So, what would be the value of one extra Referral worth to you?

What You Get Inside Levels Coaching When You Become A Member

Levels Coaching is an 4 Week Live Group Coaching Program. (This will insure that you stay committed and focused heading into the summer)

Here is what you and I will focus on together over the next  weeks of Levels Coaching…

Week 1 – Session #1

The first week is about getting clarity and focus.

If you don’t have clarity about your business and life, you chase every idea, tactic and shiny object out there.

  • The reason that people who don’t know “How” to do something and  still succeed
  • How to reset your “programing”
  • The battle of _________ vs _________ and why __________ need to win
  • You’ll get the “Finding Clarity Process” and learn how to use the 5/9/30/
  • Belief Break-thru Busters

Week 1 – Session #2

The second session is about setting goals that matter and simple action planning.

If you don’t know where you are going, you are like a ship without a rudder.

  • The “Business Plan Made Simple”
  • The Level Up Exercise
  • Goldilocks Goal Setting
  • The Awareness Worksheet

Week 2 – Session #3

The third session is about getting into the core fundamentals of business development.

“Every story has a beginning, middle and end.” – Aristotle

  • Segment your Database in to _________  and ___________ and __________ to  increase referrals and repeat business
  • Why the first segment of your database should only have ___  people in it
  • Why the second segment of your database shouldn’t have more than ____ people in it
  • Developing your “Communication Outreach Model” into these 3 parts.

(This week alone could double your business.)

Week 2 – Session #4

In session 4…

  • Learn how to “clone” your clients during the transaction (this strategy could bring in 20% – 50% more business for you)
  • Why listing presentations fail, or at least are really awkard and uncomfortable
  • How to save money at the gas pump by not showing around unmotivated, unqualified, unloyal buyers

Week 3 – Session #5

Session 5 makes your marketing more effective.

  • Why “getting your name out there” is causing you to go broke
  • What the alien race, the Na’vi, from the movie Avatar can teach you about marketing
  • How storytelling allows you to “market” more without “annoying” your audience or sphere

Week 3 – Session #6

This is where the money is really made.

In session 6 you get into Lead Conversion.

  • You learn what the 7-11 Conversation Starter is
  • The power of false-time contraints
  • How binary decision making works in your favor
  • Why consumers checking 10.4 sources of information and this works in your favor

Week 4 – Session #7

Session 7 is about Lead Nurturing.

You’ll not only learn how to outlast your competition… This session is about developing your “Long Term Lead Nurture Plan” – to communicate with old leads consistently and for the long term.

Most leads don’t buy right away but they do buy. Mac McIntosh, notes an in-depth study for Cahners Business Information of 40,000 leads…

  • 11% purchased within three months of inquiring
  • 17% purchased within four to six months and
  • 25% purchased within seven to 12 months
  • And 47% bought in a year or more

So, you see how essential it is to have a “Lead Conversation Strategy” that communicates with new leads early and often.
Plus… a “Long-term Lead Nurture Plan” that communicates with old leads consistently and for the long term.

A 1-to-1 client emailed me recently about these messages and said, ” OMG! Your emails are working! I’ve replied via email to old leads this week and 2 have responded. I met one couple – potential tenants, and I am writing a offer (it will pay your monthly fee LOL) for the other couple…   You were right on with your advice Darin.”

The reality that this advice and the email messages alone with just one conversion gives my 1-to-1 client enough revenue to pay for my coaching means every conversion forward is pure profit. And she is paying for 1-to-1 coaching  and that is much more expensive then what your fee is to join Levels Coaching.

Week 4 – Session #8

The program wraps up with 2 very important elements for long term success


I can’t guarantee this program is right for you…

I can’t promise this program will take your business to the next level…

I don’t know if Levels Coaching is right for you…

This is your decision to decide that right now is the right time and Levels Coaching is right for you…

And BY NOW…  You should now…

Join for $497 – this is one time fee. You won’t be charged again for this 4 week program. I will not bill your credit card every month, like some sneaky training and coaching companies have been known to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What days of the week will the Levels call be?

Tuesday & Thursday.

What time of day is the call?

9:00am PST | 11:00am CST | 12:00am EST

I’m involved in another program where if I don’t show up I get kicked out. Is there a punishment for not making the Levels calls?

Ha ha. No. That other program sounds intense but I don’t believe in using fear and threats to inspire and motivate you.

The calls are recorded, so you can catch up when you can.

Also, to inspire and motivate, I want to reward behavior.

Is the $497 a monthly payment?

No. That is a one time cost. You won’t get charged again.

Do you recommend levels for mortgage lenders?

Sure, why not?

Not only will it be good for your business, but you can share some of the ideas with real estate agents you want to work with to increase your value and referrals from them.

When does the program start?

May 27th. Tuesday.

What is the cost and schedule for the next time you do Levels?

This will actually be the last time I do it live.

Why do you always talk about the Green Bay Packers on facebook and twitter?

I’m from Wisconsin. My earliest memories are of watching Lynn Dickey and James Lofton with my brothers, Dad and uncles.

I’m a huge Packers fan.

How long do the live calls last?

Depends. The structure of the calls go like this…

I have about 45-60 minutes of content prepared for you. But because of the interactive nature of the calls… each could last up to 90-120 minutes.

There will be opportunity for Q & A in each call. I don’t want you to get off the call with out complete clarity on how and what to take action on.

My biggest challenge, is time management, focus and procrastination. Does Levels Coaching cover any of this?

Session 1, Session 2 and Session 8 cover these things.

Plus each week you will be getting very specific things to take action on. You won’t wake up wondering what to take action… you will knew exactly what to do each day.

You seem to hate social media. Why don’t you think social media can help real estate agents or lenders with their business?

I don’t hate social media. I just love results. And especially when it comes to you, independent contractors, small business owners.

I don’t feel like you can afford to play around and theorize. You need a firm foundation for your business before you start using social media to amplify your business.

I have a brokerage. Can I enroll my entire brokerage?

Yes. Contact me darin AT productivityjunkies DOT com

Could you offer this as a live workshop?

Yup. I have a full-day or half-day version of Levels. Check out ProductivityJunkies.com/Speaker

… So what do you say?

Wanna give Levels Coaching a try?


Join for $497 – this is a one time fee. You won’t be charged again for this 4 week program.

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If you have any questions email me darin AT productivityjunkies DOT com